The Impact of E-commerce on Supply Chain Management in Jordanian Manufacturing Firms


  • Suha S. Khanfar Department of Business & Management, International American University, Los Angeles, California, United States of America



E-commerce, Supply Chain Management, Jordanian Manufacturing Firms


This study investigates the impact of e-commerce on supply chain management within Jordanian manufacturing firms, employing a descriptive analytical approach. The study population includes employees from three manufacturing firms, with data collected through a statistical questionnaire. Demographic analysis reveals a predominantly male, postgraduate-educated group with extensive work experience. The questionnaire's reliability analysis yields a high and statistically acceptable result of 60%. Analyzing e-commerce and supply chain management dimensions indicates a positive perception, particularly in reducing business costs. Managing relationships with customers and suppliers also exhibits a highly positive impact. Statistical tests, including regression analysis, support the main hypothesis, revealing a significant impact of e-commerce on supply chain management. Sub-hypotheses related to managing relationships with customers and suppliers are likewise supported, underscoring e-commerce's influence on these specific dimensions. The findings suggest a crucial role for e-commerce in enhancing supply chain management in Jordanian manufacturing firms. Practical implications include aligning e-commerce strategies with broader business objectives, emphasizing potential benefits such as cost reduction and improved relationships. This study contributes insights for practitioners and policymakers, highlighting the strategic importance of e-commerce in optimizing supply chain dynamics.


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S. S. Khanfar, “The Impact of E-commerce on Supply Chain Management in Jordanian Manufacturing Firms”, IJRAMT, vol. 5, no. 5, pp. 1–5, May 2024, doi: 10.5281/zenodo.11104987.