A Study of Educational Environment: Chopan Block


  • Surendra Kumar Research Scholar, Department of Geography, Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, India


Study of Educational, Environment Chopan block


Due to the usefulness and effects of education in the educational environment, the present and future dimensions have to be arranged in a state of equilibrium. The main aim of education is to bring about a desirable change in the behavior of the learner. Education help in the all-around development of the personality of the student as well as in developing a clean attitude and good values. It is through educational medium that the accumulated knowledge can be transferred the future generations. Education  bring man into the category of human being and due to the influence of education environment  , the  Socio-economic and cultural lifestyle of  human life is enhanced , which is fulfilled by the cognitive behaviour of the person, The educational environment  is influenced by the nature of area`s specific physical factors, social functions and behavioural factors, in which the major contribution of the geographical structure of the site  segment, climate, habitat, settlement structure and availability of resources is reflected. There educational spread is more in the plains and low educational spread is found in the mountainous and plateau parts, therefor the path of development of educational environment passes through the physical, social and behavioral dimension of that area, which are mainly helpful in strengthening and developing that area.


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