Web 3.0: Information Security and Application for Library Services


  • Anupam Singha Librarian, Department of Library, Acharya Prafulla Chandra College, Kolkata, India


Advantages and challenges of web 3.0, applications of web 3.0 for library services, evolution of web, technology for information security, web 3.0


The paper summarizes about the version of web i.e., Web 1.0 started as a Read only medium; the next version Web 2.0 established itself as Read-Write medium. Now the currently evolving version of web, viz., Web 3.0 is said to be a technologically advanced medium which allows the users to Read-Write-Execute and also overcoming the issues of information security. To begin with, this paper discusses evolution of web and definition of Web 3.0. Next, about the technologies associated with it, technologies and upcoming platforms for overcoming information security, advantages and challenges of Web 3.0. Lastly, the features and applications of Web 3.0 in library to provide better library information services to the users.


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