A Case Study of Learners with Dyslexia in an Elementary School in the Philippines


  • Landayan Andrea Anulao Teacher III, Bato Elementary School, Zambales, Philippines
  • Superar Eunice Dela Cruz Master Teacher I, San Agustin Integrated School, Zambales, Philippines


Dyslexia, Interventions, Phonemic, Qualitative Study, Reading


The purpose of this study was to evaluate three dyslexic learners in an elementary school in the Philippines. This study is a qualitative research design. The learners' ages range from nine to eleven years old. One female and two males are present. The learners are in the intermediate level. Learner’s parents with dyslexia range in age from 33 to 55 years old. The three learners' families are from low-income backgrounds. Two (2) of the parents were high school undergraduates, two (2) were high school graduates, and one (1) was a college graduate. Most of the learners were born with a disability that was passed on to them by their parents. The parents of dyslexic learners observed that their children had socializing issues, had difficulty completing tasks assigned to them, and this limited their children's activities. Learners with dyslexia are unconcerned about their reading difficulties and do not believe that being dyslexic is an issue. Marungko Approach and E.S. Claveria’s Technique were the interventions used for reading issues in phonemic awareness, phonemic decoding, spelling, reading fluency, and reading comprehension that includes audio-visual interactive exercises, games, and puzzles (letter bingo, letter lotto, snake and ladder by word), symbol sequence naming, touching and moving kinesthetic techniques, flash cards, word charts, and picture cards, among other things.


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