The Challenges Facing the Widows How are the Head House in the Palestinian Society – Nablus Governorate as an Example


  • Alaa Abbas Abdalraouf Afana Student, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Aydin Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey


widowed women, social challenges, economic, legal, gender


This article aimed to identify the challenges faced by widowed and breadwinning women in the Palestinian community, “Nablus Governorate, as an example” in its various forms: the widow’s view of herself and her role within gender roles, social, economic, and legal challenges facing the widowed breadwinning woman as well as her role in decision-making. The article also aimed to find out the suggestions of widowed and breadwinning women to confront and overcome these challenges in order to make their dual roles in the family and society successful. The study’s community consisted of widows of breadwinners for their families in Nablus Governorate, who numbered twenty widows. The study was conducted with seventeen heads of breadwinners who agreed to be interviewed. The article’s result showed that this diversity has several connections with these women by enhancing their self-confidence and the dual role that they play, which leads to self-enhancement and granting energy from strength. While the second part of the widowed and breadwinning women has been shown to have a sense of weakness, inferiority, and refraction, living in extended families who impose its hegemony on the breadwinner and her family, the negative view of society towards her, the reinforcement of the stereotype of women in society, the relationship of exploitation, harassment, discrimination with men, and the existence of various difficulties as a result of the widow’s practice of her dual roles.


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