An Exploration of Paradoxes Concerning Space-Time in the Quantum World


  • Sofiya Demirelli Student, Private Establishment General Educational School "Znayka", Istanbul, Turkey


gravity, physics, space-time, theory, time dilation


Space-time, gravity and time dilation are topics that have already been broadly discussed and extensively covered by modern-day and 20th-century physicists. However, these common “macroscopic” parameters have not been as widely researched in the quantum world rather than in the classical physics one. They have been debated, yes, speculations extending even to suggesting a quantum theory of gravity, “connecting” the micro- and macro- parameters together; yet not much definition or concrete knowledge has been acquired in the process of pondering on the all-encompassing topic. This article is written in hopes of expanding some more on this subject, and in it is described the process of how time dilation may not exist in the quantum world, and how some quantum particles may move at speeds faster than light. In the discussion and conclusion block of the paper, a possible implication of the paradoxes discussed will be explored: a quantum theory of gravity will not be possible if we take the information in the previous sections as our basis.


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